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christian louboutin outlet store Museum of Memorial Exhibition held for him caused a sensation. Fashion circles believe that this time the London theme exhibition, may make V amp; A Museum 2013 record-breaking David Bowie personal retrospective eclipsed. Dominic Wells , A former Time Out and Time editor, was a fan of Alexander McQueen, who wrote about the talented designer. McQueen grew up in East London, his father is a taxi driver, he grew up to design clothes for the three sisters, in school And his only qualified discipline is art. And other 'academic' designer growth path is different, he left school at the age of 16 to apprentice way to break the fashion industry. McQueen and the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design is very Fortunate. When he wanted to apply for an ordinary school work, but his amazing talent was found, the school admitted him as a student, and even awarded him a master 's degree. McQueen determined to become chief designer Givenchy in the year, he Has indifferent to the outside world, said christian louboutin factory outlet

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cheap christian louboutin outlet Before entering the University of St. Martin, I have worked in this industry for seven years, I am not the kind of' airborne 'as senior fashion design' On Saville Street, there are customers In my suit, and their ladies are women who buy high fashion, and I already know the world, 'said McQueen. Shy, sensitive, melancholy McQueen has repeatedly shocked the fashion circles of uninhibited wild, he has held a show called Highland Rape Highland **) theme show, the performance of England 's bloody conquest of northern Scotland, the audience staggering, Controversial become a classic. Skull design is one of McQueen' s personal symbols, he also has many fans in China. The exhibition in London head Claire Wilcox introduced, wild thinking has always been a source of inspiration McQueen design, the 10 exhibition hall is not by time, but by topic classification. Exhibits also include part of the Gothic style McQueen legacy, by the current creative Director Alexander McQueen Sarah Burton continue to design completed. discount christian louboutin shoes

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christian louboutin shoes outlet can appreciate his talent is under the baptism of time in the dazzling glow. To the New York exhibition, a total of nearly 30 new dresses are on display, and in the past with McQueen co-production show companies, will also participate in the exhibition planning, will create exposure to Alexander McQueen fashion show in general It is a Unique atmosphere. The Savage Beauty show is a celebration of the imaginative genius and creativity of the artist, not just about fashion, but about every piece of beauty and tension. To bring people the infinite inspiration and gorgeous visual enjoyment. 'Savage Beauty' from March 2015 on display, have the opportunity to visit friends in London must not miss this golden opportunity. Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty The Wild Beauty Show is likely to overshadow the 2013 David Bowie personal retrospective. From now until August 2, Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty wild beauty theme exhibition in London V A Museum. McQueen committed suicide in 2010, a New York Metropolitan discount christian louboutin